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Prepare Your Home to Get it SOLD!

by Michael Meagher Realty    Mar 24, 2017

You may have decided it's time to sell, but is your home ready? Nobody wants to admit they have too much stuff or the belongings they have aren't important (and I'm not claiming either are true!). Think of it this way, when a potential buyer views your home, should they picture you and your family living there? Wouldn't it be more effective if they could see themselves in your home? How your home feels can greatly influence a potential buyer's interest.

Here are some general tips to ensure your house looks its best:



  • Mow, trim, water and fertilize the lawn
  • Weed flower gardens
  • Replace dead plants and trees
  • Provide an unobstructed view of your home form the street


  • Items neat and organized
  • Limit items on the floor. Place on shelves or wall units
  • Allow space to visualize to visualize vehicles and work areas
  • Make sure the door is clean or freshly painted
  • Doors should open freely and properly


  • Clean up grease or oil spots on concrete surfaces
  • Resurface asphalt drive if gray and cracked


  • Remove debris such as branches and leaves
  • Make necessary repairs to worn shingles
  • Clean out gutters


  • Replace missing slats, stakes, and posts
  • Paint and repair broken hinges

Patio & Deck

  • Flowering plants and outdoor furniture add appeal only if they are in good condition
  • Remove any unnecessary items


Bedrooms & Living Areas:

  • Keep living areas clean
  • Arrange furniture in a way that makes the area feel spacious and de-cluttered
  • Clean walls or consider a fresh coat of paint
  • Remove dated wallpaper
  • Make bed
  • Dust shelving
  • Add plants or other greens

Kitchens & Baths

  • Clear counters, drawers and cabinets of clutter
  • Clean mirror and faucets
  • Wash appliances inside and out
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Dishes clean and away

Doors & Windows

  • Consider a fresh coat of paint
  • Ensure hinges, knob and locks are present and in working condition
  • Repair or replace broken screens or glass
  • Wash windows to remove dirt and smudges
  • Open all window treatments

Floors & Carpets

  • Fix missing or damaged tiles, hardwood, vinyl and baseboards
  • Vacuum carpets and steam clean if heavily soiled
  • Keep stairwells clear and handrails secure
  • Be conscious of odors, especially for homes with pets or smokers

Closets & Storage

  • Keep closets tidy and de-cluttered
  • Discard or pack unnecessary items elsewhere